Pure Chemistry Salon - a Sola Salon | 622 W. Crossville Road | Suite 200-101 | Roswell | Georgia | 30075 |  770-687-0686

As everyone’s is, my story is uniquely my own.


I was born in the '60s, and raised in a house with two older sisters, my Mom, my Aunt Shirley and my godmother, Nancy.  These are the women who shaped my early years and my definition of beauty.  These are the strong women who revolved in and out of the kitchen door of our home and the driver’s seat of my childhood.  When they were not doing each other’s hair, I would tag along with my Mom to her weekly appointment for her wash and set!  (I can’t tell you who all of my Sunday School teachers were, but I can tell you who my mother’s hairdresser was!  Bunnie, Sarah and Marie are among my favorites!)  In fact, it was Marie who told my mother that I wouldn’t be happy until I at least tried to do hair for a vocation!  God Bless Her!


After high school, I worked a series of office jobs and attended community college.  I eventually landed at Georgia State University but  never found my passion.  It was in 1989, while working a full-time job, that I enrolled in the night program at The Metropolitan School of Hair Design!  I went to school four nights a week and every Saturday for 18 months!  And, while I was never sure I’d have the wherewithal to step away from the security of my day job, I knew I had to forge ahead!  It’s the only thing I ever went to school for that I actually finished — on time, and at the top of my class!


I landed a part-time job at a salon near home, and worked as a shampoo assistant, salon assistant and eventually a full-time stylist. I painstakingly waited tables and worked any odd job I could find while I was building a clientele.  Months into my first job as a stylist, I got a call from an acquaintance who owned a salon in Historic Roswell. That was January 1995, and I’ve been on, or near, the Historic Square ever since!


I have had the honor of working with and for some of the most talented stylists to ever hold a comb and scissors. I could name some of them but would surely leave someone out! Suffice it to say that I have learned everything I know from someone greater than myself. If they read this, they will most likely know who they are! Professionally, I am the sum of all that they shared with me.


Having worked in a large salon, and then having partnered in another large salon, I came to realize that what I needed to do was step back and offer my clients a space that allowed me to give them my undivided attention and a unique, boutique experience. In January  2016, I opened Pure Chemistry Salon.  I am located in Sola Salons in Roswell.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the suite approach and my clients have loved the transition.  I feel like I have really connected on a  new level with each and every one of them.


In summary, I love what I do.  I love where I do it.  I hope you’ll love it too!